October 2017

Menton - FRANCE

Fantastic Film Festival of Menton


An Elephant on the Moon got rewarded at the Fantastic Film Festival of Menton, as Best Animation Film.This is the 47th international selection, through 29 countries around the world !


The Second China Weifang(Xianshan) Golden Kite International Microfilm Contest


"The elephant on the moon" won the best international unit award for the China Golden kite international short film award in Weifang (Xiashan) gold kite international short film competition.

January 2018

Weifang - CHINA

Come to visit the exhibition SANCTUARY, at Vintage, by the french artist Jean-Charles’s Penot.

June 2018 

Beijing - CHINA

August 2018

Taizhou - CHINA

Thank you Taizhou, for rewarding AN ELEPHANT ON THE MOON ! it was a great moment, and we are thankful to the organization, who cared very well about us all these three days !


Grazie mile Anec ! Jury’s Prize for AN ELEPHANT ON THE MOON, at the I Festival de Cinema Sobre Discapacitat !

September 2018 


November 2018

Lincang - CHINA

Amazing moments in Lincang, at the 6th Asia MicroFilm Art Festival ! AN ELEPHANT ON THE MOON is on stage again. Beautiful peoples, and wonderful organization ! Thank you so much !

AN ELEPHANT ON THE MOON, is honored in Shanghai, at the 3rd Global Travel Video Competition! We where very happy to be able to give a speech, and proudly reminding that our main will, is to show the beauty of China to the rest of the world, through our very unique eyes !


November 2018 

Shanghai - CHINA

November 2018

Beijing - CHINA

Follow the red lights, and join us to the RED NIGHT, a great moment to share to celebrate the opening of our offices in Beijing !


RED ELEPHANT is happy to produce VERNES, the interactive show in the center of Beijing, from the french artist Jean-Charles Penot.
Come to live a journey into the Futur, through amazing story, delighted by sets, light and sound programming, acting, contemporary dancing, alien opera, unique futuristic lighting food and drink, ...



December 2018 

Beijing - CHINA

January 2019

Weifang - CHINA

Thank you Weiffang, and the Golden Kite International Microfilm Contest, for the first award of DOT the ROBOT, the new 3d animated adventure from RED ELEPHANT !

We are glad to announce, that AN ELEPHANT ON THE MOON have been selected in official competition, in 68 international film festivals, through over 30 countries in the world ! We are humbly thankful for all these beautiful prizes, and all the amazing peoples that we have met. We hope that this is the beginning of a great adventure, and look forward to blow your mind with our next projects !

February 2019


October 2019


We are glad to announce, that our experimental animated film is finally done ! The Gray and the Blue, will be soon released in festivals, and we hope you will like it.

A big thanks to our fantastic crew and our partners, who made this movie alive.


January 2020

Beijing- FRANCE

Our team is in Germany, well represented at the Berlinale Film Festival. Come to meet us there !!

February 2020

Berlin - GERMANY

The soundtrack of our previews film An Elephant on the Moon, is also available on the casual online platforms, distributed by our partner Plaza Mayor Company.ltd.

AThe film will be released on VOD in January, thanks to our partners iQiyi and www.lovemyvod.com